Feeling all modern like

It’s all podcasts now. It’s all podcasts and youtubes.

It’s all podcasts and youtubes and apps young adult fiction and vaguely amusing twitter feeds being published as books and really tall hamburgers. It’s all some series or other on Netflix that everyone is like, ‘oh, man, it so speaks to the modern condition,’ and you’re like, ‘but nothing happens,’ but you only think that, not say that, because you aren’t entirely sure if nothing happening is the point or if something is happening but you don’t notice it happening because you are old and not with it any more. And do people actually use ‘Netflix and chill’ for a euphemism for sex? Because that sounds really stupid, doesn’t it? And is that why nothing happens in that Netflix series? So you can have sex while they are on and not miss major plot twists?

What it is not about is blogs. Blogs are what it is not about. And yet…