Every 2016 film I watched in 2016 from my least favourite to my favourite, 120-111

120 – David Brent: Life on the Road

I find comedy that uses embarrassment difficult to watch at the best of times and Ricky Gervais goes all out in this film, Brent’s disastrous performances and strained friendships are very uncomfortable things to watch. However, I was really impressed that what might have been (in lesser hands, I’m looking at you Peter Kay) bullying of the let’s-laugh-at-the-nobody-who-wants-to-be-a-pop-star school was actually a much kinder enterprise. I wasn’t expecting a story of how it is better to try, and fail, than to never try at all, but that’s what we got. A pleasant surprise.

119 – Ethel & Ernest

I didn’t enjoy this as much as the book, but it was good. I think less recognisable voices as the leads may have been less distracting.

118 – At Any Price

Released in the US three years ago but only last year in the UK (and then I suspect, mostly because it has Zac Efron in it) this is actually not a bad film at all. Easily the best thing Zac Efron did in 2016, even if he actually did it in 2013

117 – The Magnificent Seven

A film of moments without a whole. On another day the same cast and director might have made something that actually was magnificent.

116 – Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods

Not the perfect Asterix adaptation, but the best for a while.

115 – Brotherhood

OK, so the main plot line of this film relies on you believing a married man can be ‘seduced’ but leaving that (and some gratuitous nakedness) to one side and this isn’t half bad. The soundtrack is superb.

114 – Floyd Norman: An Animated Life

Heartwarming documentary, that sometimes pulls its punches in an attempt to keep everybody happy.

113 – How to be Single

Very difficult to explain what I liked about this film without spoilers. I liked this film.

112 – A United Kingdom

A tad old-fashioned but with its heart in the right place.

111 – Concussion



A bit off-the-peg bio-pic, but it’s Will Smith dude. Will. Smith. I’d watch that guy play Monopoly.