This week I read…


With Christmas only just behind us, and a surprisingly busy first week of the year, my reading this week was a little… well… I didn’t do a lot of reading. Two comics (neither of which rocked my world), a high(ish) brow celebrity cash-in I bought from Poundland, a disappointing novel and a Christmas present – Five on Brexit Island.

I was impressed with how Bruno Vincent managed to write 100 page book about Brexit without alienating half his audience. If I had written it, it would have been a far angrier, far less successful thing. He takes the very sensible approach of starting with the near universal viewpoint that Boris Johnson is a bit of a dickhead and gently rolls his plot from there. It is a non-challenging read, obviously, designed to be read over a post-Christmas lunch sherry or two, but one of the characters claiming that the EU wants to ban the reheating of quiche sums up perfectly how silly the last twelve months have been.

My favourite book I read this week though was This book is out of control by Richard Byrne. The Library being shut over the festive period has meant we have mostly been reading old favourites but we got this out late this week and it is a winner. A boy, a girl, a remote control fire engine, and a dog. What could possibly go wrong. A perfect example of how a picture book can make both the reading adult and the listening child part of the storytelling process. A smart, funny, and beautifully drawn thing.