Every 2016 film I watched in 2016 from my least favourite to my favourite, 30-21


30 – The Incident

I was lucky enough to see a screening of this at Hebden Bridge Picturehouse that featured a Q&A with the director and producer. Well, I say lucky, I bought a ticket, it was more judgement than luck really. Anyway, support your local cinema, yeah? They do good stuff.

The Incident is probably a love-it-or-hate-it sort of a film. I loved it. Linfoot has pared down the dialogue to an absolute minimum, using cinema in its purest form to tell the story, The result is a slightly less fantastic Hitchcock, sort of. Quiet Hitchcock maybe. I dunno. It’s very good anyway. Tense, smart, and with superb performances all round.

29 – Deadpool

Yes, for better or worse, it supposedly changed the superhero genre (if that’s a thing, and I am far from convinced it is) for ever by doing swears and violence, but what sets it apart from guff like Kick Ass (which was just swears and violence for shock value) was a commitment to the character and the sheer number of incredible one-liners.

28 – Keanu

Two men try to get their cat back from a gangster. More of this sort of thing please.

27 – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I really liked this. I did. In fact, were it not for the unwelcome loom of Johnny Depp’s face in the last five minutes I would have probably have put it in my top ten. but he’s going to ruin the next one, isn’t he? And knowing that ruined this one a little bit too.

26 – Rams

If I had a 2017 film resolution, which I don’t, but I might have now I’ve thought about it, it would be to see more Icelandic films. This is mostly about livestock and all-encompassing ennui. It’s funnier than that implies.

25 – April and the Extraordinary World

Talking cats! Lizard people! Steampunk Paris! Scientists! Grandads! This French animation has literally everything you want in a movie. It also looks beautiful and, you know, has a great story and that. If you have got Amazon Prime you can watch it for free (though for some weird reason it’s pretty well hidden).

24 – Tale of Tales

This grown-up fairy tale is a visual delight. It’s three stories are very loosely connected but they hold together really well because of the mood created and because the world they share is such a joy.

23 – Doctor Strange

One of the few films to justify the IMAX treatment. So swirly.

At the same time, it offers far more than just great visuals. Not only a great film in its own right, it also (literally) adds many new dimensions to the MCU. It’s also lots of fun.

22 – Rogue One

I imagine you’ve seen this one, yes? It’s pretty good, isn’t it?

21 – Chi-raq

Possibly the angriest film I have ever seen, and all the more exhilarating for it, but also hugely playful and inventive, funny and smart. Spike Lee on top form. It’s a blast.