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Month: September 2018

21st May – Today, 2018

And that’s that. We’re caught up. What did I do this summer? Grew a sunflower. Passed my driving test. What more do you want? My bank details? Well, you can’t have them. Anyway, in October we’ll do some proper blogging. How does that sound? Good? Good.

5th February – 20th March, 2018

A lot of the good stuff I did earlier this year will end up in my round-up of the year I’m planning to do in January. So, you know, to avoid spoilers let’s just say I drove a yellow car, did a nineteen mile walk, went to some places, and had a very good meal indeed. Yeah. That’ll do for now.

23rd October, 2017 – 4th February, 2018

The biggest thing that happened to me during this time was my finally getting around to having driving lessons. For various reasons, that I don’t really need or want to flesh out at the moment, I hated driving when I was seventeen. I moped through a few months of lessons, failed my test twice, then called it a day. And for a very long time, I didn’t need to drive. I have always lived in or near cities with good transport links. You can read when you are travelling by… Read more 23rd October, 2017 – 4th February, 2018

10th July – 22nd October, 2017

All sorts of things happened. Dan and Georgie got married and it was lovely, Emily started school, we thought about getting a cat called Buster, we went to Dublin and I had some scampi in Howth that was so good it has ruined all other scampi for me, and I went away for a weekend to Penrith with my writing friends that was full of good food and great company and even a bit of actual writing.

27th March – 9th July, 2017

We went to Center Parcs for the second and (let’s be honest, seeing as we could only go during school holidays now, and that’s when the prices go waaay up, way past our budget) last time. I remember, as a teenager, being very snotty about Center Parcs. Who would want to go to what was basically a trumped up caravan park with a swimming pool when you could be out exploring the world? Well, it turns out, me. I would. I would want to go to Center Parcs. Teenage me… Read more 27th March – 9th July, 2017

12th December, 2016 – 26th March, 2017

There are not many lessons that can be taught about how to be a parent beyond the scientific and the general. Children need food, water, warmth, oxygen, attention. You know that. Almost everything else you will have to learn for yourself, and will be dependent on the whims of your child, your life, where you live, etc. I have very little to pass on to prospective parents beyond, ‘don’t panic’ and ‘things generally work out for the best’. Do your best and you’ll be ok. If you live anywhere except… Read more 12th December, 2016 – 26th March, 2017

29th August – 11th December, 2016

The more observant of you will have noticed that the content provided this month is little more than an exercise in me getting back into the routine of blogging. Nothing wrong with that of course, and think how exciting things will get when I am back in the bloggy groove and no longer typing things like bloggy groove. It’s going to be amaztastic to the bloggy groove maximum. Which is another way of saying, I can’t remember what I did during this time either. I went on a train from… Read more 29th August – 11th December, 2016