September, 2018



I have been thinking about me, and you, and this blog.

What is a blog for, in 2018, when all people want is shouts and swears and fake news? No one reads blogs any more. They’re too long. People got upset when Tweets went up to 280 characters. Who has time for more than a sentence nowadays? Not me. Not you.

But, as I can’t see myself ever setting up a podcast or a youtube channel or anything like that, a blog is all I have. And I think I might be ok with that. I think I can convince myself I am being old skool or retro or something.

So I’m just going to chuck words into the web and hope for the best. Why not? Be true to yourself and all that.

However, in a nod to people’s love of the new, I am going to change what I blog about every month. That’s exciting, isn’t it? That’s fancy. That’s a bit different and special and intriguing.

I’m going to start things off with a month explaining where I have been for the last six years. That’s the least you deserve.