14th October, 2013 – 26th January, 2014

  • India launch the Mars Orbiter Mission, becoming the first Asian country to reach another planet
  • China land a robot on the moon
  • I buy the Lexx boxset and then realised it wasn’t anywhere as good as I thought it was when I was a teenager
  • I sell the Lexx boxset
  • Latvia adopts the Euro

You never forget your child’s first Christmas. Honestly. There’s no way you forget what happened. I could give you details of Emily’s first Christmas that would blow your mind… I could give you so many details… so many… I’m just not going to because… you know… they are so detailed… almost too detailed… that it would take too long.

I should keep a diary really. It would make things like this a whole lot easier.

I do know that it was around this time that Emily started doing a power salute every time you pointed a camera at her. I have a great photo of her from this time, a petit filous carton shoved in her mouth, one yoghurt covered fist raised, eyes of a rebel staring defiantly at the photographer, a mini Che Guevara, eating yoghurt however she damn well pleased.

This was at Jo’s parents. Two days before Christmas. I do remember bits of that week. Emily got a carrot car thing from her grandparents (among other things). Matt Smith got really old.