27th January, 2014 – 11th May, 2014

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier is released
  • Emily starts to walk and talk
  • Russia annexes Crimea
  • Harold Ramis dies

I’m enormously sceptical of the idea of ‘first words’. Children make sounds that over time become words and some of us pick one of those sounds and decide it was probably a word. Except for your child of course. They definitely said an actual word. I wouldn’t dream of questioning that. No, no, no.

That isn’t to suggest this isn’t a ridiculously exciting time. Emily taking her first steps, then staggering around her great grandmother’s house carrying a set of car keys and babbling nonsense at herself. That is good stuff right there. And with words comes more personality, more person. People, eh? The older they get, the more interesting they become.