3rd December, 2014 – 22nd March, 2015

I should have come up with a better way of splitting up the last six years because after the bleak nothing of yesterday’s round-up, today I have way too much. So much that I am going to have to split the next sentence up with semicolons; which may upset those of you who believe, incorrectly, that it can only be used for dividing a sentence in two or something. I don’t care. I; am; unrepentant. Go edit my ass.

Anyway, there was…

Emily’s second Christmas; a New Year’s walk in Macclesfield that ended on a hill, in a cloud, with no view of anything except the idiots I walked up with (hello Dan, hello Aiden); a trip to Walsall Leather Museum where I nearly, but not quite, made a bag out of leather; a lunch at Purnell’s with my mother; a panicky Google search to work out how to remove felt tip pen from an IKEA toy kitchen (toothpaste, if you’re wondering); a belated first viewing of The Wire; and finally, a trip to the John Rylands Museum, to look at stuff that hadn’t been on public view before, to prepare for a First Draft event that was all sorts of brilliant.

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