1st February – 15th May, 2016

Holidays, eh? So it turns out I missed a couple. One of the posts last week, when I said I couldn’t remember what we did during those months? We went to Center Parcs… and Edinburgh… Both were really good but it is too late to tell you about them now. Sorry. I can only reiterate how important keeping a diary is. I promise to present better summations of the past in future.

Anyway, 2016. It was around this time that Emily first got into dens. The arm chair pushed to the sofa, cushions on the arms, duvet over the top, blanket for a door, that sort of thing. We went on holiday to the New Forest with friends and I, being rather unsociable, went off for a seventeen mile walk on my own. I did see a long-billed dowitcher though, so notions of who was right or wrong are, on this occasion, nebulous at best.

What else happened? Jo and I went to Adam’s for lunch, and it was very very very very very very very very good. Oh yeah, and I won a pair of Champions League bowls that fit together to make a football shape that I love despite, or perhaps because, they are obviously awful.