27th March – 9th July, 2017

We went to Center Parcs for the second and (let’s be honest, seeing as we could only go during school holidays now, and that’s when the prices go waaay up, way past our budget) last time. I remember, as a teenager, being very snotty about Center Parcs. Who would want to go to what was basically a trumped up caravan park with a swimming pool when you could be out exploring the world? Well, it turns out, me. I would. I would want to go to Center Parcs. Teenage me was wrong. (Teenage me was wrong about a whole bunch of stuff, but the rest can wait for another day). Center Parcs is, if you have small children, absolutely great. Just, you know, go in June when they are three or four. Don’t wait until they start school. Because those prices, oh my. It’s good, but it’s not that good.