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Month: September 2018

1st February – 15th May, 2016

Holidays, eh? So it turns out I missed a couple. One of the posts last week, when I said I couldn’t remember what we did during those months? We went to Center Parcs… and Edinburgh… Both were really good but it is too late to tell you about them now.¬†Sorry. I can only reiterate how important keeping a diary is. I promise to present better summations of the past in future. Anyway, 2016. It was around this time that Emily first got into dens. The arm chair pushed to the… Read more 1st February – 15th May, 2016

19th October, 2015 – 31st January, 2016

OK, so I made a few notes while drafting this idea of a big catch-up month. For this blog post I have two notes. ‘Made cakes’ and ‘New trainers’. I now have no idea what either of those things mean. So…

6th July – 18th October, 2015

Ah me, oh my, this was a time and a half. Emily having a, quite common in children, phase of being extremely sensitive to noise coincided with us having a new bathroom fitted and I had to take her out all day, every day and I slowly went mad trying not to have anxiety attacks in Eureka or trying not to spend money in Hebden Bridge, or trying to find a reason to be in Brighouse when you went there by mistake. (The answer is buying bubbles in big Tesco… Read more 6th July – 18th October, 2015

23rd March – 5th July, 2015

As far as I can tell, spring 2015 was the season when Emily had her first McDonald’s. I love McDonald’s even if nobody else does. They are cheap, and they are in every town, and they don’t assume all children like hummous, which, I can assure you, they don’t, because it is just brown paste. Stop feeding people brown paste. If I had a penny for every time I looked at a children’s menu in a cafe or restaurant and seen three options, each priced at ¬£5.95, and thought, “Well,… Read more 23rd March – 5th July, 2015

3rd December, 2014 – 22nd March, 2015

I should have come up with a better way of splitting up the last six years because after the bleak nothing of yesterday’s round-up, today I have way too much. So much that I am going to have to split the next sentence up with semicolons; which may upset those of you who believe, incorrectly, that it can only be used for dividing a sentence in two or something. I don’t care. I; am; unrepentant. Go edit my ass. Anyway, there was… Emily’s second Christmas; a New Year’s walk in… Read more 3rd December, 2014 – 22nd March, 2015

25th August – 2nd December, 2014

Hello. I’m just here to tell you to keep a diary. It will help you to remember all the cool things you do. That way, should you decide to do a blog post about what you did in, say, oh I don’t know, the autumn of 2014, you will actually have something to write.

27th January, 2014 – 11th May, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is released Emily starts to walk and talk Russia annexes Crimea Harold Ramis dies I’m enormously sceptical of the idea of ‘first words’. Children make sounds that over time become words and some of us pick one of those sounds and decide it was probably a word. Except for your child of course. They definitely said an actual word. I wouldn’t dream of questioning that. No, no, no. That isn’t to suggest this isn’t a ridiculously exciting time. Emily taking her first steps, then staggering… Read more 27th January, 2014 – 11th May, 2014