17. Mike the Knight

I have never been able to work out whether Mike the Knight is a satire on, or a celebration of, the life and career of Nigel Farage, and that is largely down to its sloppy writing.

The world view portrayed – the past is good, the class system is good, women are mothers or princesses, anybody not white is either a servant or an entertainer, ‘we’ are constantly in danger of being overrun by ‘barbarians’ and ‘outsiders’, only one very special little boy can save us – clearly chimes with that of Farage. And you would assume, with Cbeebies being an enlightened and progressive place, that Mike the Knight is intended to critique that world view. But does it? Does it really challenge anything? Or, like Fight Club, has it been adopted wholesale by those it hoped to ridicule?

The ambiguity inherent in Mike the Knight’s purpose leaves me no choice but to place it on the list. Even if it is intended to be a satire, by creating Cbeebies only no-platformable lead, it has done more harm than good.