So, should I stop watching Arrested Development?

I had stopped watching Arrested Development. I got less than halfway through the first episode of series four before turning it off. I had forgotten all about Arrested Development until Netflix remixed series four so it more closely followed the format of the first three series. And then I watched series four. And then I watched what they have so far released of series five. It isn’t as good as it used to be, is it?

The drop in quality has been overshadowed by other things though, in particular the allegations aimed at Jeffrey Tambor.

Then there was that horrible New York Times interview. Jesus. It would be so easy to walk away.

But I haven’t, yet. I almost certainly will watch the second half of series five, telling myself it was filmed before the Tambor stuff came out, telling myself that if they do make another series (which they won’t, for many reasons, not least of which being that it isn’t very good anymore) I can make a decision about it then. I’m having my cake and eating it, a bit, but there we are, existence is a series of compromises.

And, the best things about series four and five have been Jessica Walter and Alia Shawkat. Why should I miss their performances because some blokes are total dicks? I know my watching series five won’t magically lead to series six being a spin-off where Maeby and Lucille go on a road trip and everyone else just stops being in it but neither will my not watching it. I could just imdb them and watch them in other stuff, I suppose, but that won’t mean they aren’t great in Arrested Development, will it?

I dunno. Watch the end of season five then call it a day? Probs. Mebs.