Is a robot going to take your job?

“Bloomin’ robots, taking our jobs. I mean, it was alright when they were just arms, doing hugely dangerous jobs in heavy industry, but now they can do light admin work what am I supposed to do for sixty percent of my waking life? Not hate my job? No thank you.”

Who is the bad guy, the robot that takes your job or the society that doesn’t reevaluate the life/work balance of its population as technology advances because it sees ‘economic growth’ as more vital than happiness?

The question shouldn’t be, are robots going to take our jobs. It should be, how do we set up a system that gives everyone enough to be happy if robots can do all the rubbish jobs? It should be, what are we going to do with all this free time, eh? It should be, when we knock that call centre down, should we replace it with a library or a playground. Because if your thoughts on how a society functions aren’t based on an end goal of everyone being happy and healthy and able to spend as much time as possible on what they would like to do, you aren’t thinking hard enough.