Should I go vegan?

The correct answer to this is yes, yes I should, but I’m haven’t convinced myself that I am even capable of it yet. There are way, way too many things I would miss. Cheese, mostly.

But I am making an effort. I have swapped the milk in my porridge for coconut milk. I am buying and trying vegan sausages and the like. I’m trying to find an alternative to milk to put in my coffee that doesn’t make the whole drink taste like cardboard. I haven’t found one yet, but I haven’t given up either. I could always just go back to drinking herbal tea instead. I did like herbal tea.

And of course, things aren’t as simple as just cutting out meat. Fruit and vegetables that have been transported halfway around the world aren’t doing animals any favours. Cutting down huge areas of natural vegetation to make way for palm oil and avocado plantations is a bit shit too. Then there is all the plastic everything gets wrapped in. Nothing is easy, is it?

This is my plan for 2019…

  • Do Meat-free Mondays and (my own invention) Vegan Vednesdays
  • Keep a track of how many vegan meals I eat and try to increase the amount each month
  • Solve the ‘what do I put in coffee?’ dilemma
  • Keep trying new vegan ‘meat’ alternatives
  • Do some research and buy vegetables from places that don’t wrap everything in plastic
  • Work out how to recycle stuff the council don’t

That’s a start, I think. Maybe next year I will be ready to give up Lincolnshire Poacher and Dorset Blue Vinney for something unholy made out of cashew nuts, but I’m not there yet. Baby steps, yeah.

If you have any tips that could help me be nicer to the planet, shove them in my comments please.



  1. Good for you! We’re doing a lot of similar things these days as well – and cheese also remains the biggest blocker. For coffee, have you tried the foamable Oatley?

  2. Some friends of ours just introduced me to the idea of making eco bricks for reusing non-recyclable plastics.

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