Lists of my favourite stuff of 2018 – an introduction

Happy New Year!

Let’s start off 2019 by noting that I know I’m not stupid. Everyone else did their ‘Best of 2018’ lists in December, I know that. I like to wait until a year has completely finished before I weigh up my superfluous opinions and inflict them on people.

I say people, I mean you. You’ve got a month of this, dear reader. Get used to it is my advice.

I’m not doing much in the way of ‘Best of’ lists though, because who am I to say what is and isn’t the best of anything, eh? I’m just some guy, bumbling along, like everyone else. Instead, I offer you a month of ‘My Favourites’. It’s just stuff I really enjoyed last year that I thought I would share with you. I’m all heart, me.