This week, next week

At the start of this week it was still last year, so yeah, quite a lot happened.

I didn’t do anything of note on New Year’s Eve. I had to be up early on Tuesday so I didn’t have a drink and somehow the lure of Jools Holland forcing honky-tonk riffs over the most popular songs of 2018 proved not to be enticing enough to stop me being in bed, and asleep, by half past eleven.

On New Year’s day, I drove to the seaside to see some ducks and the like. I went on the motorway by myself for the very first time like a grown-up and everything. Stopping briefly for a McDonald’s breakfast and a quick look at the waxwings in Chorley town centre, I got to Southport an hour or so after sunrise. The weather was, in a euphemism, brisk, and I had forgotten to bring my gloves so I didn’t do a lot of sitting around except in the hides. This year I have set myself a challenge of finding, then drawing, a different bird each week. Week one was shelducks. Reader, I found shelducks.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet in comparison. A trip to the supermarket here. A family tree making project there. A trip to the seaside I told you about yesterday.

I watched the Doctor Who special on New Year’s Day and was slightly disappointed that they decided to do Daleks, again. I guess the temptation for new show runners to add to the Dalek mythology is too great to resist but, come on guys, Daleks are a bit rubbish. Sorry. They are though. Just a bit, but a bit nonetheless. They explain their plans a lot and are pretty much just whining tubes of piss with a gun on the front. Give ’em a rest for a series or too, yeah? Luckily, Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh were excellent, as always. I have really enjoyed this series. I even paid extra to have the special edition of the blu-ray that comes in a fancy metal box.

Next week… well… I don’t have many plans as such. Not yet. Which I guess is a bit boring. Sorry about that. I will be going to see Stan and Ollie, and if I can find time, Collette at the cinema. Apart from that I’m going to catch up with a bit of reading and maybe write something too. Words and that, innit.