This week, next week

The RSPB has two reserves near Leeds. Yesterday I went to both of them. They are both massive, big enough to take up a day on their own, but I hadn’t been to either before and they are so close to each other that it seemed almost churlish to visit one without popping in to see the other. I saw lots of birds, the details of which I shan’t bore you with, but most importantly I saw a grey heron which was the bird I had challenged myself to find and draw this week.

Today I went to Bury and was disappointed. Everything I went for, I failed to find. A copy of Middlemarch, no. Fine. It is a smallish branch of Waterstones and I should have click-and-collected. I blame myself. Some sticker things I wanted, no. Again. Fine. The Rochdale branch of WHSmith has them, but fine Bury, fine. Fine. Fine. But not having the bic biros I wanted? Really, Bury? Really? Not everyone wants the clear plastic ones you know. Some of us like the orange plastic ones. Some of us find the thickness of the line created by clear plastic bics a bit clunky, a bit, dare I say it, gauche. Some of us crave the more sophisticated line produced by orange plastic bic biros. Some of us have class. You would do well to remind yourself of that, Bury.

The rest of last week? Did some supermarket shopping. Walked around a local reservoir. Started watching Titans on Netflix. That sort of thing.

Next week… I will be trying to draw a great tit (the joke you just thought of probably isn’t as clever as you think it is, so don’t say it) reading Tentacle by Rita Indiana, hopefully seeing Mary Queen of Scots at the cinema, and definitely watching the new episode of Star Trek Discovery, which will be on Netflix on Friday.