My favourite soundtracks, albums, etc of 2018

Yeah, dunno mate. I thought this was a good idea, doing lists and that, but does anyone listen to albums anymore? It’s all just gifs now, isn’t it? Probably.

I didn’t think it was a particularly exciting year for soundtracks, or I saw the wrong films, or I listened to stuff removed from its film and it doesn’t work as well on its own, or something. I liked the Jurassic World soundtrack film more than the film because it was nicely stompy and it subtly laid the groundwork for the shift in tempo of the film in the music that appeared early on in the film. The Black Panther score, and separate Kendrick Lamar produced soundtrack, were both great. My soundtrack highlight was probably Teen Titans Go! To the Movies though, and I make no apology for that.

As for albums, there is obviously quite a lot of crossover with my favourite songs. Special mentions to Denzel Curry, Janelle Monáe, Shannon Shaw, Anderson Paak, and Idles. In new old stuff, I really liked the David Bowie live album, Welcome to the Blackout, and Both Directions At Once, the lost John Coltraine album, was great too. The other album I really enjoyed from last year was Skee Mask’s Compro which was the sort of electronic album I can get behind, the right sort of bloopy, and no I can’t offer anything more useful in way of description than that.