My favourite shops of 2018

Bit capitalist, innit, doing favourite shops? Yeah, I suppose, but you have got to get stuff from somewhere, haven’t you? You may as well be nice to the nice ones.

And yeah, it’s mostly bookshops. But is there a better sort of shop than a bookshop?

Maybe a cheese shop?

No. It’s bookshops.

My favourite bookshop is still, and may forever be, Any Amount of Books in that there London. Loads of good books, very reasonable pricing, and a nice pizza restaurant across the road. I’m not sure how you would top that. Manchester is (in my opinion) not exactly blessed with second hand bookshops – the shops we have are either open only one day a month or they are more interested in selling second-hand pornography than literary fiction. New books we are well catered for, with Waterstones in the centre and Blackwell’s on the university campus, but for second hand books you need to travel out to the suburbs. If I had to pick a favourite of those it would be Kelsall’s in Littleborough, because as well as being a bit of a treasure trove, and having lovely staff, it is walking distance from my house.

As for non-bookshop shops, I would like to mention Morrisons, whose pitta breads are so much better than any other supermarket’s that it is uncanny. How do they do it? I don’t know, but they do.

Oh, and apologies if I have done the apostrophes wrong on any of those shops. I went off the websites. Blame the internet, not me, is what I’m saying.