This week, next week

Last week (as the more observant of you will have noticed) was pretty busy (hence me posting this a bit late). More busy than productive, but, you know, that’s things.

I did manage to draw a great tit, but they tend to fly in and out of the garden really quickly so the sketches weren’t exactly Tony Hart standard. There is a word I always liked to describe the swift actions of small birds and that is ‘flit’, and I was planning on cutely extending the word to ‘flitty’ to describe them. Anyway I looked up the meaning of the word flitty on the off chance it already meant something, and it does, and it turns out that it isn’t a very nice word. Words, eh? Handle with care.

As I am posting this on a Wednesday it seems almost pointless to talk about ‘next’ week but I am reasonably intrigued by the release of Tomas Nordmark’s album, Eternal Words, which seems to be a pleasingly minimalist bleepy bloopy thing, and I will probably get to the cinema at some point to watch Vice.