The three best things I ate last year

Basically, best restaurants, but with a more clickbait-y headline. The twenty first century, eh?

No. 3 – The Block, York

It’s a pizza place. Pretty basic. A handful of chairs and a table or two, pizza by the slice. But what pizza. Oh my. Oh my. In a nutshell, if you like pizza, eat here. If you don’t like pizza, I can’t help you. Eat something else. Or learn to like pizza. I mean, I don’t like to judge or anything, but jeez, it’s pizza. What do you like? They have veggie and vegan options, so it’s definitely you, not them.

The slice I bought had spicy sausage, chilli, and honey on it and was the best slice of pizza I had last year. I ate a lot of pizza last year. This is a big recommend.

No. 2 – Moorcock Inn, Sowerby Bridge(ish)

Jay Rayner got so excited about this very local (to me) restaurant last May in The Guardian that I immediately got myself booked in for a meal. Needless to say, he was right, and if you want a more sophisticated take on what it is like, start with him.

What can I add? Not a lot. The service was brilliant. The food was excellent. I saw a couple of kestrels in a neighbouring field.

No. 1 – Fat Duck

oooo-ooh, you went to Fat Duck did you? Fancy yourself do you? Yes, I did and no, I don’t. Have snail porridge did you? Well, yes, actually. Nice was it? Very. I bet it was. It was. I’m sure. It really was.

OK, yes, Fat Duck is bloody expensive in a once-in-a-lifetime way, but so is going to a Formula One weekend, or being at a Wimbledon final, or seeing Adele, or The Rolling Stones. You spend your money how you want to. Some people have big cars. Some people have nice holidays. Some people eat like, proper fancy food.

I’m a food guy.

And the food. Oh sweet jesus, the food. It was very very good indeed. There is a lot of theatre with your plate, liquid nitrogen, drinks that are both hot and cold, things that look like one thing but taste like another, magnifying glasses, clockwork sweet shops, earphones, cereal boxes, melting pocket watches… but it is all in service of the experience of eating ridiculously tasty food. Is that so very wrong?

I may have another meal as good, one day, but I very well may not. Yeah. That good.