This week, next week

This week was a bit of a busy one, again. Which means I didn’t get out in the countryside. Which means I failed to draw a lapwing. Which means, for the first time this year, I have failed to draw the bird I set myself as a target. WHICH MEANS I AM A MASSIVE FAILURE TO THE MAXIMUM!

Only joking. I’m fucking great, me.

But it does mean that next week I will have two birds to draw. I thought maybe try to find a redwing? Do all the ‘wings’ at once? Sounds sensible to me.

My main top, top achievement last week was to finally accept that halfheartedly counting calories at the start of a week and eating eight hundred Twirls on a Friday probably isn’t a very good way to lose weight. I signed up to Slimming World. I know what you’re thinking, but Ben, you’re so svelte! Surely you don’t need to lose weight, you handsome svelte svelter. If only it were so. Reader, I got pudgy. Maybe I’ll keep you up to date with my weight loss. Maybe I’ll give up after five days and eight thirty thousand Twirls in one sitting. Who knows. I do like Twirls.

Next week I will be eating lots of vegetables and lean meat, watching Can You Ever Forgive Me? at the cinema, and watching the last few episodes of Kimmy Schmidt.