Three other big things I achieved in 2018

I got back into music

Oh streaming, you beautiful beautiful thing. You have freed me from the shackles of 6Music (which, yes, fine, does have one or two decent djs and does play some good stuff but is, mostly, a retirement home for white men in their forties, fifties and sixties who really really like Magazine and New Order and are prepared to overlook whatever Morrissey has said that week because Girlfriend in a Coma still speaks to them on some spiritual level that they have never bothered to fully analyse). I’m not sure if streaming is the best deal for people who are making music, there are probably winners and losers, but for the listener it is a dream. I don’t really need to go into why it’s so great because everyone else has been doing it for years, but yeah, it’s changed my life mate.

I passed my driving test

Big one this. I failed my test, twice, when I was seventeen and then put off trying again for years and years and years. I put it off for so long that my first time back in a car I was so nervous that I could do nothing more complicated than start the car, drive fifty yards and then stop, start the car again, drive fifty yards again, then stop again. But I carried on and in no time I was driving around like everyone else (or in some cases, even better, because I use my indicators and obey the speed limits and am patient and considerate of other road users). It took me two tests to pass (the nerves that had disappeared making an unwelcome return when an examiner was in the passenger seat) but pass I did. I am a driver of cars now. I drive a car.

Seriously though, if you are putting off learning to drive in the way I was, give it a go, you can do it, for realz. You just need to find the right instructor.

I was one half of a pretty damn good parenting team

Six years we have been parents and somehow we have a daughter who is polite, thoughtful, inquisitive, funny, and kind. We must be doing something right.