Hello you.

It’s clickbait month!!!!!! Let’s do this!!!!!!!

I have, of late, felt myself becoming nostalgic for the golden age of clickbait. That first wave of clickbait, articles with titles like ‘Ten Things You Never Knew About Jimmy Nail’, that (while the article itself might have been total guff) you clicked the link to because you felt it might, however temporarily, bring you joy.

The second wave was links to things that could only bring pain – the ‘You’ll Never Guess What Incredibly Offensive Thing The Actor That Plays Your Favourite Minor (But Recurring) Character In Crocodile Shoes Just Said’ school of clickbait, that you clicked not because you wanted to but because you felt you needed to*.

We are now firmly in the third age of clickbait, where even writers at the broadsheets are prepared to pretend to believe things so unspeakably, obviously wrong that the very concepts they dream up fill you with sweaty impotent rage. Stuff with titles like Here’s Why I Think Every Single Jimmy Nail TV Show Was, At The Very Least Spiritually, Set In The Cotswolds. These articles are as much about generating comments as clicks, farming huge swathes of rage, and as such are doubly useful as a source of Aren’t People Really Rude On The Internet Nowadays? thinkpieces from the same journalists.

It’s fair to say that clickbait has something of a bad name nowadays. However, it isn’t all bad, is it? Remember that time you learned 22 Amazing Life Hacks Involving Socks? Remember how number 17 surprised you? Those were good times.

And so, as I may have already mentioned in a much larger font at the start of this post, June is ‘Clickbait Month’. Twenty irresistible articles, all clickable and that. And yes, ok, there might be the odd opinion among them that leaves you apoplectic with a rage so pure it kicks off a century long blood feud between our families, but I hope not. I hope it’s mostly just a bit of a laugh and that, yeah? A bit of fun. Feel free to leave your anger in the form of a comment though. I can always delete it if it’s stupid.