Hello you.

The theme for April is A Guide to Lost Things. The missing, the missed, the absent, the removed. Thoughts about stuff that is no longer around.

Sounds a bit grim? Don’t worry. I’m going to keep it relatively light. It will be more along the lines of, “Hey! Do you remember Spiras?” than, “This is how I felt when my dog died.” I didn’t even have a dog. No actual dogs have been harmed in creating this paragraph. Forget I even mentioned dead dogs.

Keeping it light. Keeping it light. Keeping it light.

We will stray into sad stuff occasionally. Not everything that has disappeared for ever can be laughed off entirely. That’s pretty obvious. Just thinking about Spiras makes me a bit glum. Only a bit, they were no Twirls or anything, but I still miss them.

We have stuff and then it goes. Let’s spend April thinking about that.