This week, next week

The snow has totally knackered my drawing-birds-in-the-wild plans this week. I did walk around the nearest reservoir looking for redwings, and I found them, but there was no chance at all I was going to take my gloves off and try to draw one. Not worth the frostbite, mate.

But the week was successful in other ways. I did good at losing weight, eating lots of healthy food and losing seven pounds in the process. I didn’t eat a single Twirl. Not a one. Sterling effort all round.

I didn’t get round to watching the end of Kimmy Schmidt. Maybe next week. I did watch half a dozen episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation though, so it wasn’t like I didn’t have the time. I am really enjoying rewatching Patrick Stewart exploring the galaxy (and the limits of what can be legitimately described as ‘jumpers’). Some of the episodes are a bit clunky, sure, but a lot are great and I had forgotten (or never really appreciated) the quality of some of the character work the actors put in. I could watch Michael Dorn playing Worf forever. The way he begrudgingly accepts compliments being a particular favourite.

Next week? I’ll probably watch a bit more Star Trek. I also have a massive pile of books from the library. And while the first made me angry in all sorts ways, I have high hopes for the others. I’d like to get to the cinema too, snow permitting. We’ll see, eh? And maybe finally get round to drawing that lapwing? Maybe.