This week, next week

So… remember when I said I had started Slimming World? Eight and a half pounds in two weeks, mate. That’s like half an arm or something. I’ll be back in my ‘special shirt’ in no time.

Do you know about my special shirt? It isn’t a long story. When I lived in Brighton, a work Christmas do ended up moving onto a club. At the front door, one of the bouncers stopped me and told me that unfortunately the club had a ‘shoes only’ door policy, and under normal circumstances he would have to turn me away. However, as I was wearing “such an interesting shirt” he was going to let me in. I was the only person in the whole club not wearing shoes.

And while my clubbing days are way way behind me, I would like to get into that shirt again, if only to say that I can.

What else did I do this week? I went ‘full middle class parent’ coming up with ideas for party bags for a kids birthday party – No plastic tat, pleease Tristram! – making, among other things, these wax crayon hearts.

Next week? Well. I imagine I will be spending some of the week watching The Expanse which, as I mentioned yesterday, has recently popped up on Amazon Prime. I will definitely be going to the cinema to see If Beale Street Could Talk. I will be listening to Czarface meets Ghostface.

And I will be reading my first every Stephen King novel. Stephen King is a writer I have never got round to and I thought it was about time that I did. I asked Twitter where to start and Twitter said read Pet Sematary. Well, it said quite a few things but Pet Sematary was the mode average of the data. Anyway, I’ll be giving it a go this week. The first word is ‘Louis’, which is certainly more interesting than ‘the’ or ‘once’, so I’m going into the project with considered optimism. I’m hoping it won’t be too scary. I’ll let you know.