The Planet That Looked A Bit Like A Bum

A beginners guide to writing science fiction, fantasy, etc for male literary fiction writers who have decided to give it a go, possibly for financial reasons, despite having no real knowledge of, or interest in, the form. 

Lesson Five. Broaden Your Horizons, Broaden Your Market.

One of the things that truly separates literary fiction from science fiction is the availability of gateway drugs. There are literary children’s books, lots of them, but they don’t quite rule the media landscape in the way science fiction and fantasy do. Kids love spaceships and dragons. What are you going to do?

That wasn’t a rhetorical question. You are going to write a children’s book (Or, even better, a 700 episode tv series.) But what book? Have a go at this…

The Planet That Looked A Bit Like A Bum

Don’t overthink this one. Things that look a bit like bums are funny, especially if you are a twelve-year-old boy.