The Dog That Like Literally Had Saturn For A Body

A beginners guide to writing science fiction, fantasy, etc for male literary fiction writers who have decided to give it a go, possibly for financial reasons, despite having no real knowledge of, or interest in, the form. 

Lesson Six. Franchises.

One book is good but ten are better. Nothing makes money like a franchise. A series of books means film deals, Netflix series, Happy Meal tie-ins, etc. Remember to get a good take of the merchandise. The real money is in the action figures, the t-shirts, the pogs.

But how do you come up with an idea for a franchise? I’ve already done the hard work for you…

The Dog That Like Literally Had Saturn For A Body

OK, so for book one we are still keeping one eye on the children’s market, but as the series progresses feel free to make things darker and more complicated. The franchise potential here is self-explanatory I think, each book introduces a new dog with a planet for a body – labrador Venus, chihuahua Mars, that sort of thing. They run around, they live, they love, they save the galaxy. I’ll leave the details to you.

I wouldn’t go any further out than Neptune. Pluto isn’t technically a planet any more and however good you think your lawyers are, Disney’s will be better.