Week Two Recap

We are really cooking with rocket fuel now. Next week we will look at genres within genres, for when you are thinking about doing something a bit more sophisticated, but for now let’s just have a think about what you are going to spend your millions on. I heard a story once, about Axl Rose buying his girlfriend a heart-shaped swimming pool the day before she dumped him. It probably isn’t true, but that is the sort of thing you should be aiming for. Have you considered buying an island? The trend now is to go for one in the Caribbean but I think the 1970s fashion of buying something off the West coast of Scotland is due a revival. Or you could get one of those sea forts they built during the war and make it look like a space station.

Cars with six wheels, The complete Monkey DVD boxset, something that a famous person once owned, an actual moon rock, really good cheese every day of the week, that drink with the bits of gold floating in it, it’s all yours. You’re welcome.