And the birds looked back and did a sad

A beginners guide to writing science fiction, fantasy, etc for male literary fiction writers who have decided to give it a go, possibly for financial reasons, despite having no real knowledge of, or interest in, the form. 

Hey, fuck it, yeah? I was going to spend last week looking at some of the more interesting sub-genres of fantasy and science fiction, but really, what is the point. You are going to do an environmental dystopia, aren’t you? No aliens for you. You decided ages ago to do something that was set not to far in the future, in a world ravaged by climate change, but not, you know, hugely different from our own. Like, it got hot for a bit but it cooled down again. Like, things changed but in no way that would actually hamper the progression of a pretty standard narrative. You have your reasons and I kind of admire you despite everything, you stubborn stubborn bastard.

Good luck with it…