This week, next week

This week I have been getting ahead of myself.

No. Not like that.

I have been scheduling blog posts. Every weekday in March? Done. All ticked and everything. Which means I have one less thing to think about this month, as I work on the next draft of my novel. I don’t want to tell you much about my novel at this stage. For now let’s just say, imagine if Farthing Wood got sexy. I mean, that’s got nothing to do with my novel or anything. I just thought it would keep you busy thinking for a while. You know what you’re like.

All of which kind of answers what I am doing next week too. Writing. But what else am I doing? Well, I will be sticking my beak into the following cultural phenomenonses.

  • The biggest thing that is happening in the world this week is, indisputably, the release of Captain Marvel. I have had my ticket for weeks. It’s going to be awesome.
  • It’s a big week for television too. Derry Girls is back, as is Fleabag (though I haven’t actually got round to the first series of that one yet, because I am an idiot) and on Friday, Amazon Prime launch Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti’s new series Made in Heaven, which looks very good indeed.
  • Thursday brings new novels from Max Porter and Helen Oyeyemi too. So all in all it is set to be quite the week.

Right. Time to batten the hatches etc and watch this storm pass through. So far it just looks a bit ominous. Not that much wind to speak of.