Spike Lee pulls no punches and gives absolutely no fucks with this reinterpretation of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. Chi-Raq may well be the angriest film I have ever seen. It is also an absolute blast. Exhilarating, hugely playful, inventive and funny and smart. Lee also shows us (although really it was, or should have been, pretty obvious) that despite struggling to find decent parts over the preceding decade, Wesley Snipes has lost none of his magnetism or his skill. It is a film of great performances – Angela Bassett, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Hudson  – and amazing, often outlandish, set pieces that is unlike anything else made that year and another (in a long line of films directed by Lee) that should have, but didn’t, get an Oscar nomination.

Director: Spike Lee
127 minutes
reviewed in 127 words

2016 UK Box Office: 273
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