It would be nonsense to even pretend that Dangal is a lost classic. It is the highest grossing Indian film of all time and worldwide it was the 30th biggest film of 2016. But in Britain it was a more modest success, and on that basis, I’m going to assume a lot of you haven’t seen it. Yet.

You should. Dangal is a joy from beginning to end. Based on the true story of the Phogat family (a father teaching his daughters wrestling then training them all the way to the Commonwealth Games) it was the best sports film of the year by a mile, both in terms of enjoyment and technical skill. Yes, we know what will happen at the end, but as it’s based on a true story that’s kind of a moot point. Yes, there is a reason Disney picked up the distribution, but just because a film is a crowd pleaser it doesn’t mean it isn’t great.

Director: Nitesh Tiwari
161 minutes
reviewed in 161 words

2016 UK Box Office: 101
Dangal is currently available on Netflix

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