The Edge of Seventeen

When Hailee Steinfeld starts winning all the Oscars, The Edge of Seventeen will be the film that people pretend they first noticed her in. Why not get ahead of the curve and watch this absolutely perfect coming-of-age comedy-drama now, instead of having to lie about it later? Kelly Fremon Craig, and Steinfeld, wonderfully capture the not-quite-gelling-with-the-world-around-you nature of being a teenager, the not being able to place a motive on other people’s actions, the knowing you are being unreasonable while still being unreasonable. Other highlights include Hayden Szeto (who is only a smart casting director away from stardom) and a splendidly gruff Woody Harrelson.

Director: Kelly Fremon Craig
104 minutes
reviewed in 104 words

2016 UK Box Office: 149
The Edge of Seventeen is currently available on Amazon Prime