Miles Ahead

A lot of critics (who generally liked, but didn’t love, Miles Ahead) saw it as a biopic and got bogged down in pointing out the discrepancies between truth and fiction. But Miles Ahead isn’t a biopic, or a film about jazz, it is a jazz film. It plays like jazz. It sets up a theme, riffs on it, then returns to it. What happens between the beginning and the end is not true to the life of Miles Davis but to the spirit of the life of Miles Davis. It is not about what you view, but what you see.

Director: Don Cheadle
100 minutes
reviewed in 100 words

2016 UK Box Office: 187
Miles Ahead is available on dvd and the like, but treat yourself to the blu-ray why don’t you?


n.b. I tried to do a sort of ‘jazz’ version of the poster, building the image in squiggles and blotches, but of all the drawings I did for these films it is the one I am least pleased with. It’s crap, basically. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to Don Cheadle for drawing him so badly.