Someone to Talk To (Yī Jù Dǐng Yīwàn Jù)

Back in the days when Odeon ran the cinema in the Printworks* they used to show a good number of Chinese films, some of which only got a very limited UK release. My favourite of all the ones I managed to see was Someone to Talk To, a quiet, calm, reflection on marriage, divorce, and loneliness.

The script and the direction cleverly show how our inner turmoil, while appearing a huge deal to ourselves, is less than nothing to the universe. The emotions of characters bubble up and then get swallowed by the world. It’s both a universally relevant narrative and a fascinating snapshot of contemporary China.

Director: Liu Yulin
107 minutes
reviewed in 107 words

2016 UK Box Office: 650
Unfortunately, Someone to Talk To doesn’t seem to be available in any format in the UK.

*which is in Manchester, for those of you not familiar with the city. Odeon lost the Printworks cinema when they merged with AMC.

oh, and apologies if the Mandarin translation of the title is incorrect. I took it from Wikipedia. IMDb have it as Yi ju ding yi wan ju. I wasn’t sure which one to go with.