Rochdale McDonald’s

Rochdale hasn’t been lucky when it comes to chain stores. The largest shop in the centre of town was the Woolworths. Remember it? No? It was opposite the Body Shop. No. Down the road from the MVC. No. It was by the… oh forget it.

But when McDonald’s closed it’s doors it wasn’t another national chain hitting the wall, it was a successful business leaving an unsuccessful town. It was a bad omen.

The good news is that there are actually a few decent cafes in Rochdale, some of which have opened since McDonald’s closed. Rochdale is in the process of a regeneration. We are even getting Dippy the Diplodocus in 2020. The town centre is struggling but it isn’t impossible to see it turning a corner… maybe…

On the other hand, The McDonalds eventually became a Poundworld. They went bankrupt last summer.