Coke-Cola BlāK

Launched in 2006, discontinued in 2008, never launched in the UK, Coke-Cola BlāK was one of the finest drinks ever made. Marketed as coffee flavoured cola it was in reality two drinks in one. It tasted of cola as you drank it but as soon as your mouth was empty it was filled with an aftertaste of coffee. The first time you drank it the sensation was disconcerting to an almost unpleasant degree – I think that was why it failed as a product – but if you persevered the wrongness became so so very right.

I tried it on holiday, in France, then waited patiently for it to arrive in the UK. It never did. It was probably quite bad for you, what with all the caffeine and that, so I probably dodged a bullet to some extent, but I would pay good money for just one last bottle of that weird weird liquid.