Lime Lizard

All the music magazines are dead now, except those ones with forty page articles about Bob Dylan or Led Zepplin or what have you. Melody Maker has gone. NME has gone (and blimey, by the end, oh boy…). Select has gone. What else was there? Select? Has that gone? It must have. It must have.

The best of them was Lime Lizard. You got a free tape with some of them and they were mostly pretty good. I mean, yeah, sure, of the one I have drawn above there isn’t much I would listen to now but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it. Some music is supposed to be temporary. Some music is supposed to only work when you are seventeen.

Was it actually any good? Who knows. Is anything? I recently found out I am totally incapable of writing music reviews so I don’t think I am qualified to judge how good it was, even if I could remember, which I can’t. It introduced me to a lot of great music though, I do know that. It took more risks than most of the other magazines around at the time did. It put less obvious bands on the cover. Obviously, this led to it going bankrupt almost immediately. Oh well. It was good while it lasted.