10% of me

Have I mentioned I’ve been on a diet? I have, haven’t I? I have. I know I have.

I’m very much a ‘be whatever size you like’ kind of person but my body’s insistence on mostly gathering extra weight around my stomach has put me in a situation where almost all clothes made me look like that bloke in the pub who thinks he’s still got it, greeting women who are twenty years younger than him with a nod and a preposterously confident, ‘ladies’.

I’m not that guy. I never will be that guy. It is probably best that I don’t physically resemble that guy.

Plus, like it or not, my hairline is moving backwards and what remains is increasingly grey. I can, if I lose the gut, remain reasonably presentable. If it stays I am heading for ‘washed up’ territory. So I signed up for SlimmingWorld. I have lost a stone and a half. I have, I reckon, about a stone to go. The weight that remains, remains around my stomach, obviously, but I am visibly slimmer than I was… which is nice.

I am, almost, in Club 10, which is (if you haven’t already guessed) the point where you have lost 10% of the weight you started at. It’s quite a lot when you think about it. Well done me, etc etc…


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