Band t-shirts

I used to own dozens, only two remain. I keep one for sentimental reasons and the other to see if I can slim back down to the weight I was when it fitted me. Oh, it’s not the sky blue skinny fit Take That Love You t-shirt I used to wear to the Dorchester. I have no idea where that went. (I suspect my sister nicked it. Sisters do that. Nick your t-shirts and that.) I also have no plans to be that thin again. Self improvement has limits.

While band t-shirts would appear to be a way of swerving fashion – t-shirt, jeans, converse, bang – they are a pointlessly complicated piece of clothing. The need to advertise an obscure (but not that obscure) band, the chance to display the proof you were at the tour before the tour before the breakthrough, the bullshit one-upmanship of it all is the crystallisation of fashion’s worst aspects. You don’t even look that good.

Easy to launder though. Bang it all in on a 40°. That was good.

30° nowadays, I supppose, what with the improvements in washing powders and all that.