Jeans. 18th August 2018

This, in a way, is where it begins. With a pair of jeans.

I used to wear jeans with a 32″ waist. (I used to be a 30″ waist but I’m not sure I will, or want, to see those days again.) I have been a steady 34″ waist for a long time, My waist grew, but I got away with it, largely because jeans don’t go around your waist anymore unless you are a seventy year old man.

As you can see, the jeans in the photo needed replacing. The last few times I had bought new jeans they had been on some sort of two-for-one or two-for-a-special-price offer or other. I always bought two pairs, one 34″ and one 32″ (you know, for when I magically got thin and that). Last August, standing in the changing room, I realised that it would be silly to do that again because I already had quite the surplus of jeans that didn’t fit me. I bought two pairs of 34″ waist jeans on but the understanding with myself that they would be the last fucking pairs of 34″ waist jeans I would ever buy.