Green shirt. 31st December 2018

Of course, the problem with passing your driving test is you don’t walk as much. In the five months between buying those two pairs of jeans and the end of the year my weight went up, not down. What can I say? I’m a idiot.

The first casualty of my new, more sedentary, lifestyle was this rather ugly green shirt. Seeing as I had bought it at a charity shop, and men tend not to throw clothes out until they are really fucking finished with them, it had a long and hard life but even taking that into account the end was severe and shocking. It just went. Thankfully the tear wasn’t something that happened while I was out*. You don’t want to do the school run with stuff hanging out of tears in your clothes.

As much as I wasn’t a fan of this shirt, it was by no means my least favourite. It’s death was a wake up call. It was time to join SlimmingWorld.



*And, for the sake of veracity, not as severe as shown. I ripped it a bit more before taking the photo, for dramatic effect.