Problematic shirt. 15th March 2019

Ever bought something by mistake? I have.

This is yet another shirt I bought in a charity shop. I know that buying clothes in charity shops is good for the environment and that but when it comes to men’s clothes it is mostly slim pickings. As a general rule, men’s clothes only turn up in a charity shop when somebody dies and they tend to bury them in the best stuff. If you live in a big enough city there will be a charity shop or two that specialise in nicer stuff, and feel a bit boutique-y, but in most charity shops the men’s clothes are crap. So when a shirt that is a decent brand, and a perfect fit, turns up you snap it up.

And this shirt really was a nice fit. Truly. It was cut wonderfully. It was as if it had been tailored for me. That pattern though? If I had ever needed to play a walk-on part in an amateur dramatics production of Goodfellas? Badda bing! I had just the shirt. Just going to Lidl on a Saturday? Nope. It was a bit… much.

Never wore it. Another one that went straight back to the charity shop. Hopefully they have a time machine set up to send shirts to The Bronx in the 1970s and it can find its true home.