Brown shorts. 10th May 2019

I live within walking distance of a gym. A couple of years ago I joined the gym. And I quite enjoyed it, sort of, for a little while, before it got incredibly boring. I bought a couple of pairs of shorts for going to the gym and I can’t see any reason for keeping both of them. One pair, sure, you never know when you might need a pair of shorts. But two? Probably not.

I’m not a big short wearer. I firmly believe that unless he is actively participating in a sporting event, or doing some form of exercise, a gentleman should refrain from wearing shorts. They are, in a word, vulgar. I don’t care if it is hot. Wear trousers of a lighter fabric, stay in the shade, drink an Orangina, but for goodness’ sake save the world the sight of your knees.

I know I’m being unreasonable. I don’t care. Shorts are ghastly.