Big ugly trainers. Date undecided

It is against my better judgement to throw away a still functioning pair of trainers but these have got sack-off-to-a-shoe-bank written all over them. I bought them to run in (running being one of many half thought out schemes for losing weight I have experimented with in the last decade or so) and used them quite a lot, then not a lot, then never. They have very little practical purpose outside of running because they are bright green, damn ugly, and specifically designed to make you a bit bouncy.


There are situations in life where you need to wear something on your feet but whatever you wear will probably get ruined. Painting a house or walking over that bog with the skellingtons in it from Lord of the Rings or what have you. So, I think these might be a back of the wardrobe job. You never know when you will need to give a room a fresh layer of Dulux or overthrow Mordor by dropping a ring into a volcano.