…hello again

Yeah, hello, I’m back and that. What about that summer eh? The warm bit… the rainy bit… the errrrr… the other stuff… Probably some politics happened. Probably it was ghastly. Probably.

What have I been up to? I got a puncture. Well not me, obviously, the car got a puncture, but it was a new experience, driving with a squadgy tire. What else? Not a lot. I got another puncture. I know, I know. Not very likely is it? Two punctures. But there you go. Here we are. Etc etc.

Aren’t you glad I’m back, being all riveting and that?

I have decided to drop the monthly theme idea. I grew weary of it. Instead I’m just going to bang on about any old stuff like I used too, you know, in the good old days. I’ll probably talk about myself a lot, as usual, but I’ll be spicing things up with a weekly deep dive into the films of… let’s say… Jason Statham and… I think… regular posts about books and music, but I’ll get back to you about those ideas…