errrr… hello again… again

Huh. That last week just shot by didn’t it? Like nerrrrr py-aw! Gone.

So when I said I was back I guess I was a little premature. I’m deffo back now though. Like, for realz.


Unless another week falls into the ether (and trust me, it will not) the promised Jason Statham thing will start tomorrow. It has a name now – What I Learned from Watching every* Jason Statham Movie – and is going to be life-changingly good or something. It’s probably what Fridays were made for. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Tuesdays, I imagine, were made for Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s, which I am going to do every Tuesday because, you know, they were made for… err… something something something. I’m going to count down what I have decided are (but almost certainly aren’t) the best albums of the decade, accidentally leaving out loads of really good ones, and you are going to be perpetually disappointed (and occasionally pleasantly surprised) by my choices. That will be fun, won’t it? It starts on Tuesday and comes with a no bad albums guarantee**.

My book idea is still coming together, but will probably be a monthly thing.

I might talk about birds on Sundays, but you can just skip those bits if you like.


*except the two documentaries about racing cars he narrated, because they don’t seem to be available anywhere.
**the no bad albums guarantee is subjective and is not an actual guarantee.